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wahw wahw wahw......so i do everything then fight the boss many many times. i finally have a play-through where i am 2 hits away from beating it (again) and with health spare and then..........oh there are gaps in the floor now.....................sweet. well.....its pixel art,oldschool music and sound effects and a fun little game so its pretty good and my kind of game. nice work.

i quit haha, gaps in the floor?! the boss can kill him self. im done hahaha. aint even hard at all just the platforms annoying the situation.......and now gaps?! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im just rabbling now haha peace out

great little fast paced game with some cool mechanics. unfortunately i don't have the patience to get past level 3 but thats just me. other then that, it was a bit laggy for me which didn't help making those jumps haha and then falling through a platform was when i gave up. sweet game idea non the less.

this game promotes extreme stress haha. love seeing pencil style art work and very good level design. two small things.......(1).level 2 can be done by simply getting the character at the top to the exit,whilst leaving the lower character at the beginning (so no need for the lever etc).(2) newgrounds is not for demos as stated in upload info(i would of given this 5 stars). i nearly got all the way through level 4 and gave up. that medal aint worth it hahaha. great game that everyone with the patience should play.

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nicely tranquil beats. smooth polish and levels. nice

great cover. levels are good

jmagnum responds:

Thank you :)

a great mood setting tune

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